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As some of you will remember, Nancy and Fred met on a bike ride, a century ride in fact, out near Leander, Texas, in October of '93. Greetings were exchanged and small talk was made. On the ACA Halloween Steam Train Ride, Nancy discovered that Fred was the Cycling News editor she had wanted to meet, so she got herself invited to lunch at the same table (once she determined that the woman with Fred was his daughter). The rest is "geezer history" as they discovered so many similarities in their lives that it became downright spooky (ask either of them). Both were cyclists, both were writers/editors, and both had Master's degrees in filmmaking of all things. Each had two daughters and one granddaughter, the same kinds of computers, etc… ad nauseum. It was a natural.

Why Kyle? Being writerly/readerly types, each with a favorite Latin American country (Ecuador for Nancy Cuba for Fred) what could be more fitting than the childhood home of Katherine Anne Porter, who set many of her stories in the Spanish-speaking cultures of South Texas and Mexico? The home is a museum now, and by holding our wedding there, we hope to share its existence with our friends.

— Fred & Nancy

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