Ecuador Albums 2001
La Finca Sueños

Sueños means dreams, and la finca Sueños is a dream come true for Sharon, Atlanta cycling and environmental advocate. Long in love with South America, she was finally able to collaborate with a friend on the purchase of this small farm near Puerto Quito, between Quito and the coast. She now spends her summers on Sueños, bringing interested people to share the experience of living in harmony with the natural environment.

Who's Who in the Albums

The house has open construction of natural materials and is surrounded by a profusion of flowers, vegetable gardens, and hummingbirds.

An upstairs window affords a view of the bougainvillea-arched entry.

The open-walled kitchen with its tree-trunk furniture also houses the library and is the center of indoor activity.

Clear days are crowned with magnificent sunsets.

Wonderful neighbor Don Emilio shows Anthony and Jessica a leaf of toquilla, a plant used for many purposes — from roofing to making Panama hats.

Jessica and Sharon enjoy a couple of Don Emilio's machete-peeled oranges.

Part of the breakfast routine is Sharon's scheduling of projects and asking for volunteers for anything from...

...washing dishes...

...helping Luis hang bananas...

...clearing fields with a machete...

...bicycling the five rocky, hilly miles to town for grocery shopping at the Sunday market... cleaning the latrine. No waste is wasted.

Next-door-neighbor Marcos is a frequent visitor to Sueños.

He is also an accomplished wielder of needle of thread.

Bernarda, Andrea, and Miguel come for a weekend visit, spent mostly at the Rio Achiote.

Farther up the road, Melka keeps a watchful eye on Marcos as he crosses the swinging bridge.


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