Ecuador Albums 2001
La Escuela Fiscal Eliza Ponce Ruiz

La Escuela Fiscal Eliza Ponce Ruiz is the coed public elementary school for the El Achiote area where Sueños is located. Parents take turns as volunteer cooks and dishwashers for school lunches, and from time to time there is a school work day when parents come in to make repairs and improvements to the facility. Sharon is also a regular volunteer, working with Profesor Franklin to coordinate her lessons on health and the environment with his curriculum.

Who's Who in the Albums

La escuela: Profesor Franklin rides his bicycle the seven or so arduous miles from Puerto Quito every day.

Franklin explains the routine of the school to Jessica and Anthony.

The students are writing poems about water and illustrating them to compile into a book.

Franklin provides encouragement and direction for the reluctant poets.

Anthony and Jessica have a small audience as they design the cover for the students' book of water poems.

Lunch is served in an open area between the kitchen and the schoolroom...

...followed by a game of fútbol, played today with new soccer balls that Anthony brought for the school.

Of course there has to be a team photo!

One by one, the students discover that they can see their pictures right away in my camera...

...and the number of photo subjects increases... leaps and bounds.

Ricardo seems to live by his own rules, but he does get back to class and finishes his poem.


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