Ecuador Albums 2001

Salinas is a pretty beach town on Ecuador's southern coast well worth the overnight bus trip from Quito. The only problem we encountered was the presence of nearly invisible stinging Aguas Malas that raised welts on Andrea's legs and feet. By the next day, however, the Aguas Malas had gone elsewhere, and the water was fine.

Who's Who in the Albums

Wintertime Salinas is uncrowded, and the weather is temperate.

The rocks around the lighthouse are a favorite sunning spot for baby turtles.

Bernarda, Miguelito, Andrea, and Bolivar venture out to sea on a paddle boat.

Bolivar and Miguelito can't resist a sand fight.

The boat captain promised our money back if we didn't see blue-footed boobies on our cruise around the bay.

Miguelito and Bernarda look skeptical.

Andrea is a little more optimistic, or maybe she's just enjoying the boat ride.

There they are, sharing a perch with a pelican! We didn't get our money back, but that was okay.

These pedal cars are popular with all the tourists, but ours required three people to pedal and two to push uphill.

We did a lot of walking — along the beach...

...and through the town.

Our second day we enjoyed mass quantities of seafood for breakfast.

Bernarda concentrates on a beachfront construction project.

What do you think?

On the way back to Quito, we find Bolívar on the job at police headquarters in Guayaquil.

Bernarda and I reinact the historic handshake of Simón Bolívar and José Martí in front of their statue on the Guayaquil Marecón.


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