Ecuador Albums 2001
Who's Who in the Albums

Fred observed that one might need a lot of explanation as to who's who in order to appreciate the Ecuador photos, so I'm including a cast of characters. Please let me know if I've misspelled names or misremembered relationships.

Andrea  Anthony  Bernarda Blanquita Bolívar 
Byron  Carlos  Cecilia [Ibarra]  Cecilia [Quito] Daniel
David  Davidcito  Don Emilio  Evelín  Fausto 
Franklin  Gladys Jacqueline Jessica Jocelyn
José Luis Laurita [Ibarra] Laurita [Quito] Live Lucho
Luis [San Roque] Luis [Sueños] Lupe Mama Rosa Marcos
María Martha Mateo Miguel Miguelito
Miriam Mishell Nelson Patricia Rosa Elena
Rosita Sandrita Santiago Sharon Sylvana


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Andrea— Daughter of Miguel and Bernarda in Carcelén Bajo and sister of Miguelito. At the age of seven, Andrea was one of my first Ecuadorian tour guides and Spanish teachers. She will graduate from el colegio (high school) in August 2002. back to top

Anthony— Guest and willing volunteer at Sueños. Anthony was always eager for machete work and rock-hauling on the farm, but he also took time to develop his Spanish and fútbol techniques with locals in nearby Puerto Quito. back to top

Bernarda— Wife of Miguel and close friend in Carcelén Bajo. Bernarda teaches English at two high-schools and, on occasion, to travelers. She also takes Saturday classes to earn her Master's in Education. We spend many hours sharing materials and classroom stories and methods, and she is my primary cooking coach as well. Bernarda is a strong proponent of environmental preservation. back to top

Blanquita— Sister of Cecilia in Ibarra and mother of Diego and Sandrita. Blanquita was one of the many cooks who made the graduation party a success. back to top

Bolívar— Brother of Bernarda, now a policeman in Guayaquil. back to top

Byron— Youngest son of Luis and Rosa Elena in San Roque. At ten years of age, Byron is in seventh grade this year. back to top

Carlos— Father of Bernarda, husband of Mama Rosa, and well known and respected resident of Carcelén Bajo. back to top

Cecilia [Ibarra]— Long-time friend I met while I was visiting an English class at La Universidad Técnica. Ceci rescued me a few days later when I was lost near the hacienda where she was teaching at the time. Now graduated, she teaches at an indigenous school in Rumipamba, and she also teaches English to travelers and at a high school in Ibarra. back to top

Cecilia [Quito]— Sister of my friend Paquita in Chattanooga, Tennessee. back to top

Daniel— Son of Miguel's Aunt Live in Quito; brother of Nelson and Sylvana. back to top

David— Son of my friend Paquita in Chattanooga, Tennessee. David is a printer and caterer. back to top

Davidcito— Older son of David and Martha in Quito. back to top

Don Emilio— Owner of a farm near Sueños. Don Emilio is a wizard with a machete and extremely knowledgeable about all things agricultural. back to top

Evelín— Daughter of Bernarda's sister Lupe and youngest grandchild of Carlos and Mama Rosa. Evelín was born during the summer while I was there. back to top

Fausto— Son of Luis and Rosa Elena in San Roque. back to top

Franklin— Teacher of La Escuela Fiscal Eliza Ponce Ruiz, the elementary school that serves the area near Sueños. back to top

Gladys— Daughter of Luis and Rosa Elena in San Roque. Gladys "discovered" us while we were resting on bicycles in front of their house, and now Fred and I have the honor of being named compadres for her 2002 graduation in Architecture from La Universidad Central in Quito. back to top

Jacqueline— Daughter of Bernarda's sister Judith in Carcelén Bajo; sister of José Luis. back to top

Jessica— Guest at Sueños with a talent for art. After I left, Jessica painted the name of the school on La Escuela Fiscal Eliza Ponce Ruiz. back to top

Joselín— Daughter of Bernarda's sister Eufemia in Carcelén Bajo. Fred and I attended Eufemia's wedding when we were with Miguel and Bernarda's family for Christmas 1996. back to top

José Luis— Son of Bernarda's sister Judith in Carcelén Bajo; brother of Jacqueline. back to top

Laurita [Ibarra]— Sister of Cecilia in Ibarra and head chef for the graduation party. back to to top

Laurita [Quito]— Mother of my friend Paquita in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was a guest in her home many years ago, and she always greets me with a warm welcome and open arms. back to to top

Live— Miguel's aunt who owns a poster shop in Quito. Live and her three children provided the transportation for our trip to Chiriboga. back to to top

Lucho— Brother-in-law of Cecilia in Ibarra (Laurita's husband). Lucho was Cecilia's escort for Santiago's graduation. back to to top

Luis [San Roque]— Friend since Christmas 1996. In addition to having been a high-school English teacher for 26 years, Luis has many other agricultural and commercial enterprises. It is interesting to accompany him anywhere in the Otavalo-Ibarra area, as he is continually either greeting compadres or being greeted by them. back to to top

Luis [Sueños]— Machete specialist and resident of Puerto Quito who commutes to Sueños by bicycle every day to help with the farm's more physically demanding projects. back to to top

Lupe— Sister of Bernarda's sister, mother of Evelín, and teacher. back to to top

Mama Rosa— Mother of Bernarda and wife of Carlos. Mama Rosa is always giving fresh fruit and vegetables to family members and their guests. back to to top

Marcos— Young neighbor of Sueños and frequent visitor. A rapid English learner, his favorite word is cheese. back to to top

María— Culinary assistant who helped Cecilia and family with preparations for the graduation party in Ibarra. back to to top

Martha— Wife of David in Quito. Martha speaks English quite well and is an excellent cook and a devoted mother. back to to top

Mateo— Younger son of David and Martha in Quito. back to to top

Miguel— Husband of Bernarda in Carcelén Bajo and the first of our many friends in Ecuador. Miguel has strong interests in ecotourism, education, and computer technology, working long hours for Hostería La Cienega and taking classes on Saturdays to earn his Master's in Education. back to to top

Miguelito— Son of Miguel and Bernarda in Carcelén Bajo and younger brother of Andrea. Miguelito is good with computers and young children and has a terrific sense of humor. back to to top

Miriam— Sister of Cecilia in Ibarra and major player in the preparations for Santiago's graduation party. back to to top

Mishell— Daughter of Bernarda's sister Patricia in Carcelén Bajo. back to to top

Nelson— Son of Miguel's Aunt Live in Quito; brother of Daniel and Sylvana. back to top

Patricia— Sister of Bernarda in Carcelén Bajo; mother of Mishell. back to top

Rosa Elena— Wife of Luis in San Roque. Rosa Elena and both of her daughters have been beauty queens, and she still could be. Rosa Elena is best loved, however, for her patience, friendship, and generosity. back to top

Rosita— Sister of Bernarda in Carcelén Bajo. Rosita has a beauty salon but still finds time for soccer, childcare for nieces and nephews, and otherwise helping others as needed. back to top

Sandrita— Daughter of Blanquita and sister of Diego. back to top

Santiago— Son of Cecilia in Ibarra. Santi was another of my early Ecuadorian tour guides; he is now attending the Police Academy in Quito. back to top

Sharon— Atlanta environmentalist, bicycling activist, and co-owner of Sueños.

Sylvana— Daughter of Miguel's Aunt Live in Quito; sister of Daniel and Nelson. back to top


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