Ecuador Albums 2001
La Finca Proaño-Vargas

La Finca Proaño-Vargas is Bernarda's parents' farm above the clouds northwest of Quito. Getting there requires two hours by car or truck to the end of the road and another 1 or 2 hours by foot (depending on the condition of the traveler). Arrival, however, is like having walked to heaven!

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Andrea cradles her grandmother's dog, Chirupa, during our truck ride to the end of the road.

The views on the way up ranged from spectacular... incredible!

Out of the truck and on the trail, we've completed about half the walk that began on the other side of the pass across the valley. Those are orchids growing on the tree in the foreground.

Carlos was one of the fast-walking early arrivals.

Bernarda gets the cooking underway almost as soon as we arrive.

Miguelito and Andrea take a break from their chores and watch the activities in the "kitchen" below.

The cooking is done over an open fire in a shelter apart from the house.

Miguel gives the hammock a tentative trial.

Andrea's approach is more confident.

The clouds come in early afternoon... the farm an ethereal look.

Condor-eye views of the valleys reward our walk back.

Andrea and Miguelito are happy to have the horse Carlos secured for them to ride back to the farm when the rest of us return to Quito.

We stop the truck to marvel at what we think is Volcán Cotocachi from the infrequently seen west side.


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