Ecuador Albums 2001
Fiesta de San Juan / Intiraymi

One of Ecuador's important festivals comes during the days surrounding June 24 — a combined celebration of the Catholic feast day of St. John and the Inca summer solstice celebration. Cecilia teaches in the village of Rumipamba, a short bus ride southeast of Ibarra, and invited me, Miguelito, and Andrea to go with her to this fiesta.

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We receive a warm welcome with an offer of chicha, a reputedly potent fermented beverage.

Ceci arranges a photo op with the fiesta's most colorful disfrazado (person in disguise).

Dancers circle the main pavilion with the Ecuadorian flag, music, giant trays of fruits and vegetables...

...and chickens.

Our disfrazado tries to entice Andrea into the dancing.

I leave my camera with Miguelito and join the dancers.

It's not necessary to know how — Just do it!

Ceci is a more practiced and enthusiastic dancer than her guests...

...spending as much time dancing as we do watching.

As the afternoon passes, the chicha flows, and the celebration grows.

Miguel and Andrea (and I) are fascinated spectators, and...

...Ceci stands this one out to watch with some of her former students.


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