Ecuador Albums 2001
Imbabura Province

These pictures are a limited sampling of the mountains, valleys, villages, and lakes of Imbabura Province. Imbabura is also the home of the world-famous indigenous market in Otavalo, las Cascades de Peguche, and a near-tropical valley populated largely by descendants of slaves who were brought from Africa.

Who's Who in the Albums

It's almost always possible to have a clear view of the road ahead — it's just not very often straight ahead.

Beautiful Laguna San Pablo with Volcán Imbabura in the background is a tourist attraction for Ecuadorians as well as for visitors.

Taita (Papa) Imbabura stands guard on the east side of the Panamerican Highway between Otavalo and Ibarra.

His "wife," Mama Cotacachi, faces him from the other side. One of the many stories about them is that when it is foggy or raining it's because they are arguing.

This is near the village of Rumipamba above Ibarra. See the Fiesta de San Juan / Intiraymi for more photos of Rumipamba.

Rails-to-Trails in Ecuador — train service to Ibarra has been discontinued, but the tracks continue to serve as a transportation route for pedestrians, cyclists, and cows.

This is the farm Luis has chosen to be our retirement home.

The Obelisk is the hub of Ibarra, capital of Imbabura Province. Ibarra is also called "the white city" for its many whitewashed colonial-style houses that gleam in the sunlight.


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