Ecuador Albums 2001
The Zoo at Guayllabamba

Just north of Quito is Guayllabamba with a small zoo dedicated to conservation. Note the Oso de Anteojos (spectacled bear) — he was the driving motivation for our trip to the zoo.

Who's Who in the Albums

Miguelito and Andrea oblige by posing with the lion statue, but neither one would put their head in its mouth.

Bernarda tries to charm a spider monkey; Miguelito and Andrea are a little more cautious.

It's not exactly like home, but the condors do have some room to fly.

Bernarda stops on our climb to the condor cage with the valley of Cumbayá in the background.

Bernarda wanted to show me the Oso de Anteojos because it is a species that lives on her parents' cloudforest farm.

We take a breather in celebration of our success in seeing el Oso de Anteojos.

Always, getting there and back again is half the fun. Bernarda at the front of the bus waves to me in the mirror.


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