Ecuador Albums 2001
High School Graduation in Ibarra

I have known Cecilia and her family since 1992, so it was a real privilege to be able to attend her son's graduation from El Colegio Sánchez y Cifuentes in Ibarra. It was a two-day event, with the graduation ceremonies taking about five hours one evening, and the next day dedicated to cooking and other preparations for the party.

Who's Who in the Albums

Cecilia and Oso — Ceci has three teaching jobs, so it's a treat for her and for Oso to have time to relax at home.

After the graduation mass Ceci, Santiago, and Ceci's brother-in-law, Lucho, await instructions for the grand entrance to the diploma ceremony.
Santi (center) receives his diploma...
...and later poses for his graduation photo.

Santi's proud grandmother is overcome with emotion.

We took many group photos between the diploma ceremonies and the congratulatory champagne toasts. This one has Ceci's sister Laurita, her niece Sandrita, Ceci, Lucho, and Santi.

Here we have more family than names in my memory. On the left are Ceci's sister Miriam, nephew Diego, and her other sister Blanquita.

After all the toasts and congratulations, Sandrita tries to stay warm while everyone gets organized to leave.

One of the first orders of business the next day is Oso's bath.

Mama rewards his patience and shivering with a good feeding.

Good feeding is the main preoccupation of the day. Laurita (front) and Ceci show me how to grind garlic and oregano to make a marinade for the chicken barbecue.

Sisters Pati, Ceci, Miriam, Blanquita, and Laurita fill the kitchen with industry and incredibly good cooking smells.

María comes in for the day to keep the big fires burning in the smokehouse and to keep a watchful eye on the barbecue and giant pots of soup and potatoes.

Oso is ready for the party...

...and so is Mama.

La fiesta is finally underway in the patio of the house. After hours of dancing, everyone went home tired, but nobody went home hungry!


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