Ecuador Albums 2001
Carcelén Bajo

Carcelén Bajo is a neighborhood rich in friendship and family life. To spend time there is to experience unforgettable warmth of community and caring. I was wholly included in the extended family of Miguel and Bernarda, long-time friends dedicated to education and conservation of Ecuador's environment.

Who's Who in the Albums

Miguel and Bernarda provide us with home life as well as a home base when we're in Quito.

Bernarda helps Andrea study for final exams. It's good to have parents who are teachers (or maybe not).

Miguel test drives their new telephone service.

At age 98, Bernarda's grandmother still lives independently and does her own laundry.

Rosita and Bernarda cook by candlelight during a Quito electrical blackout.

José Luis, Jacqueline, and Mishell keep spirits high — theirs and everyone else's!

Andrea consents to a photo in her Che t-shirt as a memento for Fred, who wore the Fidel mask on New Year's our last visit with them.

Miguelito impresses Mishell and the photographer with a handstand.

Rosita and Patricia are Sunday afternoon fútbol stars in Carcelén Bajo...

...and José Luis is one of their greatest fans.

Tour guide Andrea is undaunted by the close traveling companions provided by Ecuadorian buses.

Rosita brings her salon home to help out a visiting gringita.

Miguelito took this photo of his grandfather holding second-to-youngest grandchild Joselín.

I'm trusted with the youngest, Evelín, during my goodbye party.

Jacqueline helps Bernarda make caramel tostados. Ecuadorian tostados are kind of like Corn-Nuts, only much better!

I get a warm sendoff from Jacqueline, Mama Rosa, Lupe, Bernarda, Patricia, and José Luis (as well as by many others not pictured).


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