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Travels with Marsha

Marsha at home and abroad in 2002 There are lots of great stories that go with these photos, but you'll have to get Marsha to tell them. If you want to know more, email her at for details.

Marsha's page has to begin with Ginger, who has been a major consideration in travel plans for the past five years.

Sometimes she gets to go, but more often she draws guard duty on the home front.

A favorite getaway is Marsha's cabin near Fredericksburg, where frequent visitors include Sioux and other family members.

The cabin is also a popular place for weekend get-togethers with friends.

A trip to Mexico in March takes Marsha to a village near Michoacán... search for migrating monarch butterflies.

She pauses for a photo with the horse that carried her to the top of the mountain...

...where she reports being "bombarded by invisible monarchs."

May and June are good months to go from Texas to Switzerland.

Make up your own story for this one — or ask Marsha.

Is that Marsha about to embark on a bike ride down the mountain?

Looks like a great ride!

Bicycles are a major motif in Marsha's Switzerland photos — note the porch in this one.

Nearly two weeks of hiking the Alps...

...demands times to rest...

...and look back on where you've been.