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Mostly Kyah Jewel

July to September, 2002

July 8, 2002: Kate is on her way to the hospital for the birth of Kyah Jewel.

Megan is one of the first ones to see her newborn sister.
Kyah's birth weight was 7 pounds 3 ounces; she was 20" long.
She does what newborns are supposed to do — sleeps...

...and stretches.

Kiernan Rose gets to hold her...

...carefully, and with Megan's help.

Only a couple of days old, Kyah checks out her dad and the world around her.

Home from the hospital...

...and on her way across the country...

Kyah arrives in Austin in time for her one-month birthday celebration.

By two months, she has a solid reputation as a laugher and talker.