Ginky's Albums

Jersey Shore, Summer 2001

Fred brought back most of these photos from his stay with Denise and family at the Jersey Shoreat the end of July and beginning of August. The haircut documentation on the bottom row was sent to us later by Denise.

When the Clark family heads for the beach, nobody goes empty-handed.
Denise keeps a watchful eye on the swimmers.
Fred and Denise escape for a day in Atlantic City... they can enjoy some grownup fun.

Cecilia leads Fred down the path to the lighthouse at the north end of the island.

They make a rest stop along the way...

...continue their tour along the fishing jetty...

...and top it off with a thirst quencher.

Bucket watches as Cecilia and Denise demonstrate a new definition of the phrase "lap time."

Walking the beach with Cecilia is full of surprises... she keeps making new discoveries.

The sun makes a dramatic entrance against the backdrop of the Jersey Shore.

Shorty indulges in a pre-haircut moment of reflection (or is it a measured panic?).

He decides to trust Brian...

...and the haircut is well underway.
His trust is rewarded with a new look. Not bad!