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Kiernan Rose Goes to the Bike Shop

This album is a virtual reprint of page 13 of the September issue of Cycling News. Photos and captions are by Fred, except for the last photo, which was taken by Kate. Fred thanks River City Cycles in Austin for "putting up with a couple of tire squeezers and helmet checkers."

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I don't know, grandpa. All of these have 26-inch wheels. I think they're too big.

And they have those linear-pull brakes. I don't know if I can work those.

Ooooh, this one, grandpa! This is the one I want. It's just the right size.


I like these pretty colored tires. Don't they have any for the little red bike? How about Panaracers? Do they have Panaracers?

Grandpa, come quick! I found something.

See! I found it in the box. It's a helmet, and I think it's my size. Is it my size?


Maybe it needs some of these foam pads to make it my size. 

I think we need some of these too, grandpa. Can we get some of these?

Shopping with grandpa can make everybody tired. Naps are good, though, because afterwards we make lunch and play some more.