Ginky's Albums

February and March, 2002

...featuring Jim's debut as a professional harmonica player, the Easter Hill Country Tour, and a trip to Easter Island and Stonehenge.

Jim makes his professional harmonica playing debut on February 23.

March took us to Smithville to visit with master chef Rob Remlinger at his Back Door Cafe...

...which also houses his collection of bicycle memorabilia.

Fred wanted this photo for Kiernan Rose— some of her favorite things.

On the road again headed for the Willow City Loop on Good Friday, an Easter weekend tradition for us.

Esther lets a friendly burro talk her out of some of her energy mix.

Saturday's ride takes us south of Kerrville on a kinder, gentler ride.

No trip is complete without a visit to at least one bike shop. Kerrville's Bike Works has extra counter help for the big weekend.

Sunday is rest day. Our route is a total of about 5 miles to breakfast and back to the campground to pack up.

Fred wears his Sunday best to promote the League of American Bicyclists.

The weekend featured a side trip to Easter Island statuary...

...and Stonehenge.



Another Easter tradition is lunch with Marsha at the Altdorf Restaurant in Fredericksburg.

Monday brings the Man of Manchaca and his faithful sidekick back to the real world.